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Hebei North China Diesel Engine is a subsidiary of China North General Power Group, a professional manufacturer of dual-use diesel engines for both military and civilian use. The company's main products are B/FL413F/513 series air-cooled diesel engines, BFM1015 series, TCD2015 series, and HC4132 water-cooled diesel engines and generator sets with independent intellectual property rights produced by the production license of German Deutz. From 1979 to 1992, the B/FL413F/513 series of air-cooled diesel engines were introduced successively. In 2002, the BFM1015 series water-cooled diesel engine was introduced. In 2005, TCD2015 series diesel engines were introduced. Since 2007, the company has successively completed the research and development of 2015C national III, generator sets, explosion-proof and natural gas engines, and at the same time strengthened market adaptability, development and matching, and the market coverage of products has continued to expand.

The Deutz engine produced by Huachai Company has the advantages of small size, light weight, low fuel consumption, low noise, strong adaptability, high reliability, and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in trucks, luxury buses, special vehicles, engineering machinery, Petroleum equipment, generator sets and other fields, and are used in the ground auxiliary system of the Antarctic research station.

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