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Mecc Alte is an innovative and dynamic company, the largest independent manufacturer of synchronous alternators, and a professional synchronous alternator supplier and manufacturer all over the world. Mecc Alte was established in 1947 in Alte, Vicenza, Italy. By the 21st century, it has grown from an obscure small company to a well-known brand. In the early 1970s, Mecc Alte strategically decided to exclusively produce alternators. This decision enabled them to obtain a global leading position in the field of electric motors.

       Mecc Alte manufactures the widest range of low-voltage alternators in the world through product design of "manufacturing purpose". The company has 3 brands: Mecc Alte, Zanardi and Eurogen. Among them, the products of the Mecc Alte brand include: industrial and marine 6-3000kVA AC generators and >400Hz power generators up to 150kVA.

       Mecc Alte has proven their expertise and experience in design, low-cost manufacturing, and complete R&D capabilities. With the formation of global manufacturing systems in Italy, the United Kingdom, India and China, coupled with their superb marketing capabilities and strong production capacity, Mecc Alte can provide customers with fast and reliable services.

       Mecc Alte fully controls sales: For companies that sell and support through subsidiaries, in addition to the five major international production bases, Mecc Alte has branches in France, Germany, Spain, the United States, Australia and Singapore in the Far East.

       Mecc Alte fully controls production: international production bases are distributed in Italy, the UK, China and India, with a total of 51.300 square meters, 900 employees, and more than 30 CNC robots.

* Simplicity - Digital AVR, as a standard on whole 4 poles range, either of two AVRs can control any alternator in the ECO/ECP range. Alternators are with 12 wires to meet most voltage requirements

* Efficiency - Comparing with competitor’s specification, they have higher efficiency; mecc alte is superior to any of our international competitors

* Size & Weight – As per power Vs compactness ratio, mecc alte is the best package available in the world

* Excellent Motor Starting - All machines offer 300% short circuit as standard, so no need to fit costly PMG or special AVR voltage (MAUX)

* Robust - Using latest technologies, wide choice of impregnation systems to meet the most severe applications

* Reliability - Ma_AUX: Mecc Alte Auxiliary winding provides 300% of starting current for 20 seconds as standard. MA_PMG also is available on request. 

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